The Importance Of Anthropology

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Register to read the introduction… That is, a social science driven be the need for equality among peoples. Fighting the oppression of peoples has been one of the greatest achievements of anthropologist. One needs to look no further than the work of Franz Boas to see that this is what anthropology has always been in the business of. That is why I see Gaeber’s work as outstanding. It reaches to what I see as the core calling of anthropologists; to help the oppressed. In this case the injustice is economic inequality. Even if one disagrees with Graeber’s message of anarchism, one must respect the methodology and the renovation of anthropology into a cutting edge …show more content…
The foundation of cultural study cannot change but the context of culture is changing and anthropology must be ready to adapt if it intends to remain a relevant and useful field. Graeber is a shining example of just this sort of shift from traditional methods to new ideas. As I enter the field of professional anthropology, the work of Graeber will become more and more important. I hope to enter medical school after graduation and understanding the complex system of debt, leading and financial difference that Graeber has brought into the limelight will allow me to better understand the system how globalization is affecting whatever people I am working with.
Graeber has been the unsung champion for too long. As anthropologist, it is our responsibility to maintain our field and the justice in equality anthropology can and should represent. Graeber is a model example of this and deserves our recognition, as a new and bright mind within our field that represents a new way forward by fighting for equality. That is why Graeber deserves the Nobel Prize in

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