The Importance Of Anonymity And Online Incivility Essay

1868 Words May 4th, 2016 8 Pages
Incivility is everywhere. It is commonly visible in everyday conversations, in debates, and online. With online incivility, anonymity is often targeted as the reason why there is online incivility. Both online incivility and anonymity encompass arguments that are for and against keeping them or banning them. Those who advocate for anonymity, such as Cornell Clayton, believe that anonymity provides a voice for the minority group against the majority majority and to protect individuals’ privacy. The argument against anonymity claim that anonymity either trigger a discussion not worth expanding on or it fuels comments that have no contribution to the discussion. Although there are negative aspects in anonymity, this poses a question if anonymity puts harm towards society and democracy. This paper will discuss how anonymity benefits democracy, but it needs to be regulated. Anonymity and online incivility are important in democracy because it provides a voice for the inferior groups, it protects people’s privacy, and it makes people less reluctant to participate in discussions. The opposing side may argue that anonymity puts harm towards society, but that it does not mean that online incivility should be stopped or anonymity should be banned but instead be regulated. One main factor why online incivility is necessary for democracy is because anonymity provides a voice for excluded or inferior groups. According to Cornell Clayton, author of “Understanding the ‘Civility Crisis’”…

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