Persuasive Essay On Dog Training

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When we come to pet training, dog training strikes us first. Dogs are mainly trained to obey their master, work on farms, detect drug or other illegal items. But, no training is species specific but is concept specific. So, cats can also be trained.

If you approach your cat with a positive, encouraging and cheering attitude, you can make it learn almost all commands. A reward-based training can serve your purpose. If you are a new pet parent, you can start with training your cat to sit, roll, shake paws, and then continue slowly with ringing bell, do Hi-Five, use the toilet and even ask things from you rather snatching it from you!

But owners must be very careful as cats have their own good time. Be patient with the creature if you really
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Start with placing litter box adjacent your toilet. Then gradually take it closer and closer to the seat, and finally, place it over the seat. Have patience, as your cat may take a couple of months to grow this habit. As it gets accustomed with the process, you can replace it with a special litter box that fits exactly within the toilet. Few months after your cat gets the habit, you are free to remove the litter box completely!
Save time on litter and enjoy a cleaner home.

When you leave it for few days

Cat and any other pet feel sad when their (pet) parent leaves them for other important assignments. Though you cannot cheer him up, but you can simplify the situation by a pet sitting arrangement. But before, you need to train your cat, so that it remain friendly, calm and candid when administered by any pet sitter!
Many owners prefer harness with a leash at the cat's back. It can be good when you leave it for a couple of days, but at times can be dangerous too. Low budget pet sitting can be a better alternative.

If you made up your mind to train your cat, but facing certain trouble, you can contact your nearby trainer or pet sitter in your area. But before that be sure that the person is skilled enough to tackle the situation and is passionate about

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