The Importance Of Animal Sacrifice In India

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Register to read the introduction… In many cultures, humans have practiced animal sacrifice to honor their god or gods. Sacrificing animals demonstrates that humans thought that animals were more like an object or food and something to give as an offering to their god. In India, the Hindu practice of animal sacrifice, although rare, is still seen today. The Hindus who do practice animal sacrifice believe that one must honor both the good and the bad, the gods and the demons. In order to show respect for the demons’ great power, animal sacrifice is done to satisfy the demons’ great appetites (Malik). Hindus, aside from animal sacrifice, also demonstrate their understanding of animal inferiority by the caste system, reincarnation, and karma. When a person dies, they either have good or bad karma, meaning that they have done good deeds or bad deeds in their life. When a person has good karma, they get rewarded in the next life and go up a caste level. If the being continues to have good karma, he keeps reincarnating until their soul reaches Nirvana, or Heaven. On the other hand, if the being has bad karma, he gets punished and in the next life is reincarnated into a lower caste and ultimately, an animal (Toucan Valley). Being reborn as an animal is considered a punishment and almost an insult since as an animal, one cannot do the things he could do as a human. Therefore, animals must be inferior to humans in the …show more content…
1, the world is so diverse in it’s beliefs. Many cultures honor animals and consider them sacred. An individual’s view on souls depends deeply on the religion they practice. For instance, Hinduism, apart from animal sacrifice, honors animals deeply. Most Hindus don’t eat beef since they consider the cow sacred. Many go even further and are vegetarians or don’t eat beef or pork (Toucan Valley). Native Americans, like Hindus, also greatly appreciate and honor many animals. The Sioux especially honored the buffalo as the Hindus honored the cow. For the Sioux, the buffalo was their source of everything- food, clothing, shelter and among many other uses. Every part of the buffalo was utilized for something, nothing went to waste. The buffalo and the cow are really important aspects of these two cultures because for these people these animals gave them everything that they needed to survive. For the Hindus and Native American Nations, animals do have souls. These cultures see animals as guides and use them as models on how to live life. Animals were were more than just aliment to them. The animals helped them thrive and get through life, spiritually as well as

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