The Importance Of Keeping The Wild Animal Population

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Hunters help keep the wild animal population down to prevent overrunning the people in the United States. They keep us safe from the predators in the wild by keeping their population down so they do not need to move into any cities to find food. They can stay in the wild areas like forests, woods and, any other areas that humans are not currently populating. By keeping predator population down hunters will help keep us safe from all the dangerous animals in the wild. Even though many animals need hunters to keep their numbers from over populating, there are animals that do not need it. Squirrels, mourning doves, raccoons, waterfowl and, upland birds are good examples of animals that can be annoying but do not need population control. There …show more content…
They are different color wolves, like black, white and, gray. Males can also get up 66 to 180 pounds. Females can get up to 51 to 120 pounds. Wolves can run up to 31 to 37 miles per hour. They live in remote areas of North America and Eurasia. If they ever became overpopulated they could very easily kill a ton of people, since there would be too many of them to handle. It would be hard for the human race to kill the wolves again if they are killing humans. Yes, the wolves would help us keep the deer population down but many people rely on the deer meat to survive because they do not have the money to buy food for their families. Also while hunters are hunting for food, they do not want to worry about watching for wolves. Wolves can steal the hunter’s deer that they kill or they will just go for the hunter and kill him or her. Wolves hunt in packs so the hunter or hunters would have no chance of escaping these wolves unless they get lucky and something scares them off. These animals are carnivores but some people have seen wolves eating plants. So, wolves are not a huge problem toward the environment, but they would be toward humans if they became overpopulated. Small towns would be in danger if they were either surrounded or near woods or any forest, if the wolves had an overpopulated population, because the wolves would raid the town, killing any animals including humans and livestock that those …show more content…
Coyote, even though they do not get as big as a wolf , can be just as dangerous. Coyote travel and hunt in packs and can kill just about anything. They can get up to 15 to 46 pounds and can run up to 43 miles per hour. Dangerous animals, coyote are an animal that humans need to be watching out for. Coyotes kill the deer, which is good for humans, but also other animals like livestock and chickens, which is not good for humans. Farmers really do not like the coyotes because they always kill the farmer’s animals. There are multiple different types of coyotes, like the Western coyote, Central US coyote, Eastern coyote and, the Central American coyote. All these different types of coyotes are dangerous carnivores, killing any animals that they chose. They are known to attack people when they have not eaten for awhile. However, coyotes mostly go for deer and any small game animals they can find.

There are many animals that do not need population control, including the squirrel, racoon, mourning doves, waterfowls, and upland birds. The squirrels do not need their population controlled because they are very small animals with very little body mass, getting to about 2 or 3 pounds. They also do not need large numbers to populate so they are not a danger to the environment. Yes, there have been accounts of squirrels attacking people, but it is not very

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