Animals In Captivity

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In 2000 more than 36 horrible incidents have happened like elephants bolting from circuses, running through streets, crashing into buildings, attacking members of the public, and killing and injuring handlers. Although circuses are used as a form of entertainment, it is still not right to hold animals in captivity. In the mid-1830s. Brown Purdy came down from New York where he met an animal dealer named Hachaliah Bailey that obtained a baby African elephant, which he exhibited around the country with great success. Instantly the adding of other exotic animals led to the formation of a fide bona traveling menagerie. It was proven that trainers know what these exotic animals are afraid of and use them against them to force them to do things they don’t want to.

Elephants are not the only animals that suffer in circuses camels, tigers, lions and other animals endure the harshness of transport, performance, training, and captivity. Many of these animals are bred in captivity which they spend their entire lives in close contact with humans in an unnatural, pressured, horrific, environment. It is said that these giant elephants are kept chained up by one foot so they can not escape their handlers and other animals are cramped
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When these circuses portray unnatural and false photographs of how these wild animals live and act, in such an unrealistic false life, it creates a great disconnect between these wild animals and people. Building up the notion that it is acceptable to do things to these animals and enjoyable to exploit animals for entertainment. The major difference in circuses is that we both see them from different angles. The audience sees it as a talent that animals have that we never knew about but in reality, it is just cruelty to

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