The Importance Of Animal Abuse On Women

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Animal abuse is a result of harm and control. The victims described their pain and distress as they were watching their partner torture their animal right in front of them. Victims do not leave a violent relationship because shelters do not allow pets, so they go back home. Shelters for battered women do not allow pets because it is another expense and other women may be afraid of the dogs. I have just one problem with shelters for battered women. They want women to come there to get away from an abusive relationship, but if that woman has a dog she is not allowed in the shelter. I feel these shelters should have dedicated place for these animals in order for the women to feel safe and not have to return home from what they ran away from. Women shelters should support the women and not push them because of an animal that they are trying to protect as …show more content…
The purpose of this survey was to examine how pet owners perceived the questions about animal abusers. Every person that submitted a survey own one or more animals. None of them could think of hurting an animal. A question was asked, what do you think causes people to abuse animals? Most of them said that anger causes animal abuse. One of the questions that were asked, was there a list at pet stores saying certain people cannot buy any animals? The answer was no. So I proceeded to ask another question. It asked should there be a list? Everyone said yes. I want to compose an acquisition with the local newspaper or animal law enforcement, to obtain a list if it possible, to be inserted in all pet stores. The last question that was asked, should animal abusers be punished more than people who abuses humans? Fifty-five percent said that they should be punished the same. Eleven percent said they should be punished more. Thirty-three percent said they should not be punished more because a human life is valued more than an animals’

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