The Importance Of An Essay

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I think that different types of structures and skills are what create magic in an essay. There are various key points that a persuasive or good essays contain. First, the content is important. Even if the points are good, I think the essay loses the audience’s interest when there are no examples and supporting contents. If this happens, the essay is just a piece of paper with just stated ideas or thoughts. Additionally, organization in the essay is vital. There are times when I sometimes blank out while writing an essay. This causes me to jump into the wrong subject or topic. I had a hard time brainstorming for ideas for a long time. The turning point in my life that helped me fix these habits is when I was in high school. Mr. Silbaugh, my …show more content…
The thesis should always be included in the first paragraph or the introduction of the essay. This part is where the writers argue against the author’s point of view. In this section, the writers need to express their clear and expressive thoughts with the main points using their own examples. In other words, it could be said to be the backbone of the paper. When the backbone is broken, a person cannot walk. It is the same with the thesis statement. If the main points are not correctly set up, it can end up missing the whole point in the essay. It is very important for the writers to continue their essay with the thesis statement in mind. If they start losing the thesis, their essay will be going in the wrong direction and will end up …show more content…
When I was in middle school, I had hard time understanding and speaking English. I abhorred writing essays and research papers because I was not confident about my writing. I admired those who were good at writing; they know how to use strong words and dictions to convey the clear and exact thoughts on to the paper. Due to my weak word choices and grammar mistakes, I always got lower grades compared to my classmates. To fulfill my instructor’s expectations, I caused plagiarism (copying other people’s information, words, or sentences). However, I did not mean to copy the whole thing, I just wanted the words the author uses in her paper. Surprisingly, the instructor understood my worries and did not give me zero. Instead, she gave me a warning and good advice to improve on my diction. She suggested me to read a lot of books; this will help me construct good sentences without grammar errors. Also, I will be able to create own style of essays using different dictions that flows with the

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