The Importance Of An Epic Hero Of Beowulf

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Beowulf is a larger than life character who perfectly defines what it means to be an epic hero. More importantly, Beowulf demonstrates every single one of the Anglo Saxon’s morals and values that they attempted to live by on a daily basis. He is brave and is revered for his great achievements. Bravery and honor were extremely significant attributes among the Anglo Saxon people. Also, loyalty was a trait they perceived to be of the utmost importance among the warriors of their culture. In addition to the concept of loyalty, Anglo Saxons also valued reputation. A warrior’s reputation was extremely important because they wanted to be seen by all as brave and courageous. All Anglo Saxons strived to be respected and have renown across the land. Many of these values affected the daily life of Anglo Saxons because each succeeding day could result in a struggle for their life and the livelihood of their people. Anglo Saxons also believed in the concept of …show more content…
He is a celebrated character who is respected and revered for his significant achievements. Beowulf embodied the values of an epic hero because he displayed all the traits of heroism that were pivotal among the Anglo-Saxon culture. Beowulf proved he valued honor and bravery in combat numerous times. He felt as though all of his endeavors were guided by fate. Whether it be success or failure, Beowulf knew the outcome was subject to fate. Beowulf proved his loyalty to his men with self-sacrifice throughout the poem. Beowulf also later proved that he valued loyalty in his warriors and rewarded those who showed loyalty to him. Reputation remained a major theme throughout the poem. Anglo Saxons sought to be honored by all. Beowulf was honored and revered above all other warriors. Beowulf was the personification of everything the Anglo-Saxons valued in a warrior: honor, bravery, loyalty, a flawless reputation and the belief in an ultimate

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