Essay about The Importance Of An Effective Teacher

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Effective Teacher
A great characteristic of an effective teacher is to have an authentic relationship with a student. In order to do this, the teacher would need to have a great sense of observation, make a connection with the student, get the student’s trust and encourages him or her to learn the subject.
Teaching is a complex profession because they have a large amount of challenges. Some of those challenges are large size class, inadequate amount of testing for some students, lack of creativity ideas, lack of parent participation, low salaries, frustration with coworkers, summiting a lot of paper work for each student, different types of personalities in each student, lack of controlling the classroom, etc.
As a future teacher, I think that my greatest strength is my experience as Instructional Teacher. I have been in every grade as an instructional teacher. I have managed a classroom by myself when a teacher is sick, and I have been a substitute teacher and instructional teacher at the same time in low level grades. This position gave me the opportunity to have a close observation of what psychologist educators have concluded in their studies. Like The Zone of Proximal
Development theory from Vygotsky. Also, as an instructional teacher, I have observed different teacher’s personalities, different types of strategies and methods that teachers used for diverse types of student, teachers analyzed how efficient those methods are, and what they could use to I achieve…

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