Essay On Career Fairs

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Hien Le
CIS 3380
Extra Credit (5 points)

All- Majors Career Fairs
On September 22, I had a chance to go to All- Majors Career Fairs and talked to a lot of representations/ employees from different companies. However, the most person that remained in my mind after the job fair is Professor Stephanie Krueger. She comes from Lone Star College in Houston. She is such a kind and warm person to talk to. The topic in our conversation was should student go get a job right after graduating or continue pursue a higher education. It is not a new or strange topic but with each student will have a different point of view and condition to attend a higher education.
Initially, the reason I went to this Career Fairs is to look for Finance Internship
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I just want to graduate and get a job. Talking to Stephanie made me realize that there are a lot of things that I should be prepared before enrolling for Master Degree. Tuitions, experiences and how I can balance between school and work at the same time are my most considerations. We did not have a specified amount for tuition, but we know it is not easy to obtain if I don’t know how to save and use my money effectively. A student with a brand new Bachelor’s Degree does not have much experience on any field, she recommended that I should go to work for couple years and then come back school to pursue a Master 's Degree. Eventually, she said Lone Star College is the best option for students who want to work and go to school at the same time. The tuition is expensive but we can redeem it later. Yet, talking to her gave me a lot of idea how to improve my communication skills. She demonstrated some example for me about how to gain good impression from my future employee or interviewers after I told her that English is not my first language. I think I was lucky when I stopped by her table and had a conversation with

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