The Importance Of Agriculture, Agriculture And Farming Practices Of The Past And Present

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In Global Ag, I learned about the importance of agriculture, the different farming practices of the past and present, and also the many issues that agriculture is facing. As the average age of farmers increase it is more important than ever that the youth of today be educated on what farming entails. It is equally important that the consumers are assured of the quality and safety of the products they purchase.
Although farming has changed drastically over the years, one constant remains throughout time; people throughout the world depend on agriculture on a daily basis. While the amount of full time farmers and employees employed on farms have decreased, production is greater than ever due to advancements in technology and farming practices. This is imperative because the United Nations projects the total world population to increase to ten billion by the year 2056. The increase of our population must be met with an increase of production from advancements in farming practices as it has in the past.
One of the biggest questions among the consumers today is ‘Is my food safe for my family’. False information being distributed about genetically modified organisms, how animals are treated from farm to plate, and the health concerns of eating certain foods, there is a confusion about the motives of the farmer. To meet these misconceptions of farmers, a greater attempt should be made to educate these individuals that most likely have never seen a farm and are concerned about the…

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