Essay On Afflictions Of Slave Women

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Afflictions of Slave Women: As it was before, so it is today
Among the late 16 century and the late 18 century marked the rise and fall of a harsh and oppressive system of forced labor, known as slavery. Women slaves had two different and specific work areas; their either worked on in the field or took care of the house. House slaves had an advantage of better living conditions, while field slaves worked long hours in the hot sun. Still all the women endured horrifying difficulties since the majority of female slaves were sufferers of many afflictions. It has often been said,” if a white man has a cold, then a black man has anomia, and a black woman has cancer,” this kind of allergy could be applied when it came to slavery and the treatment of black woman. During slavery black women were often sexually harassed and raped by their masters, they often much higher standards placed on them than they were allowed to live up to, and they were also forced to live in constant fear concerning the welfare of their children. Throughout slavery black women have endured conditions, as stated in narratives like, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs, that has hurt them and their family; however, the effects of those conditions
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The conditions in which Black women endured was traumatic and had multigenerational effects attached to it. Within that traumatic period, trauma was followed by more traumas, with no points of healing. (1)There were hundreds of years of slavery (trauma) with no treatment, no mental help assisted for slaves; like mothers who witnessed their daughters get raped or their sons get sold.(2) Slaves were freed yet there was still trauma, Black women were still raped and sexually harassed by they now white employers and there was still no treatment, after the fact. There are residual impacts of that distress, it didn’t end and it hasn’t ended for Black

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