The Role Of Censorship In Education

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One of my earliest and most vivid memories of school is from first grade. I had a teacher named Mr. S and he gave us a very important responsibility, which was to bring a red folder with all our classwork and homework to and from school everyday. Like any first grader I was careless so it was up to my mom to remind me to place my red folder into my backpack every morning. But one day I did not bring my red folder to school. When Mr. S asked me where it was, I gave him a sob story how it wasn’t my fault it was my mom 's for not reminding me. So Mr. S told me that he assigned me to bring in that folder, not my mother. When I got home and explained this all to my mom she said the same as Mr. S. That was the time when I first began to understand …show more content…
Examples of censorship in education is banning of certain topics like evolution, or sex education. Censorship is caused (usually) by parents who try and prevent their child from learning subjects due to personal beliefs like religion, overprotectiveness, etc. Censorship can leave gaping holes in education and leaves students ignorant. Like in schools with no sex education, instead of informing students how to be safe they choose to ignore it all together. This does not benefit students in any way and can cause misinformation. Misinformation can be dangerous as well. “These restrictive worldviews are the seeds of bigotry, with the implication being that anyone who believes differently from you must be foolish or misinformed.” (Pg 1) By parents erasure of controversial topics and teaching only what they believe in, kids are blind to different cultures and beliefs. This is the stem of close mindedness and low tolerance from people different than themselves. This applies to society recently with the gay marriage laws. Gay marriage in all 50 states took so long because many of the republican and conservative states (Texas) did not “believe” in it and refused to allow it. While the more liberal states who are perceived as open minded (Connecticut, California) was able to achieve gay marriage years before the supreme court ruling. Bigotry is proof of how students have not been taught or informed to accept others because of censorship imposed on the

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