The Importance Of Advocacy And The Nursing Profession Essay

794 Words Mar 10th, 2016 4 Pages
A nurse witnesses a new mother is in critical condition following excessive blood loss after giving birth. She is in the Intensive Care Unit and, fearing her death, she desperately wants to see her newborn. The hospital, however, has a strict rule that does not allow infants into the unit and it is not possible to move the mother. In today’s healthcare institutions, nurses face challenging situations like this on a daily basis. As a nurse, one of the most important aspects of the profession is advocating for their patient. Advocacy plays a critical role in the nursing profession because it allows nurses to fulfill their patients’ wishes, leading them to an overall better outcome. The purpose of this paper is to clarify the meaning of advocacy, determine its importance in nursing, and show advocacy through an example in literature. Advocating for a patient is an essential skill that nurses must use in order to actively support the needs of their patients. Although there are many forms of advocacy, patient advocacy is an ethical obligation of a nurse that serves to protect and promote patients’ rights (Bouchal, 2014, p. 83). It encompasses many characteristics that are essential to the patient’s experience while in the hospital. To effectively advocate, nurses must ensure that their patient’s “legal and moral” rights are recognized, that the patient is educated in order to “exercise autonomy”, that they receive proper “quality and quantity” care (Hyland, 2002, p.…

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