Antibacterial Hand Gel Advertisement Analysis

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Advertisements can be found everywhere—in magazines, on billboards, on television. They are very powerful and the main goal of the advertisement business is to persuade its audiences to purchase a particular product or adopt a certain line of thinking. Companies or organizations must do so in a way that is appealing to the audience it is trying to reach. If done correctly, the audience that is being targeted will adopt a new view or idea or will go buy the product in the well-rounded advertisements. In this particular instance, SANZER, a hand sanitizer brand, is trying to advertise its germ-killing gel. By use of enthymeme logic to build an ethical and emotional appeal in the visuals of its advertisement, the company has produced a marketing agent that aims to promote its product. At first glance, the audience is drawn to the focal point of the advertisement—the image. The image is centered across the entire advertisement with the most important part …show more content…
The ad uses images and text to convey these ideas, but does so in a manner that causes the appeals of the advertisement build on themselves. Creating the building blocks allows the ad’s viewers to stop, analyze, and search for the deeper meaning inside the ad and interpret what message this company is trying to convey. This SANZER advertisement is not the only one out there that uses this methodology to attract its viewers. Look around today—they are there. Those advertisements that cause people to run to stores to purchase the newest and coolest products have a way of doing so without the customer even knowing it. Companies and businesses identify their target audience and create a device that hits all of the appeals and ensures that it will do its job to send those dependable customers

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