Adolescents: A Conceptual Analysis

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When I was first introduced to sex, I was sixteen years old. I had a boyfriend for about six months, before we had any type of sexual activities. I always had intentions of having sex at this age and when my boyfriend came into the picture. I knew I wanted him to have my virginity. At the age of sixteen your mind gets so set on something and your mind thinks that it will be that way forever. I was so clueless but I was in love and I felt like no one or nothing thing can stop me. I had all the sexual education classes, and I have learn about STDs and what it comes from. During this time I was experiencing adolescences, adolescences is a young person in the process of developing from a child into an adult (Brekke, I. (2015). The only person …show more content…
I can remember this day like it was yesterday. In the basement of my mom’s house she was getting clothes for out the dryer and I was sleeping downstairs. The basement was my room and I had a couch in the basement because it was so big. My mother put the clothes that she got out of the dryer and put them on the couch to fold them. I really did not pay any attention to it, because she does the something every time she washes her clothes. While folding her clothes she gets on the subject of sex, why? I have no idea of why she would make that a topic. In my mind, this is my mother and she does not talk to me about sex. I’m thinking, what you are doing. Then, she asks me that question that I so dreadfully wanted to answer, are you having sex. I thought to myself, you have to lie, and then I thought you cannot lie to your mother. Then I answered, and I said, yes. My mother turned and looked at me like she saw a fire in the kitchen. Then she said, what I told my friends that you was a good girl, and the only thing I have on my mind is school. The first think I thought about is, why you and your friends discussing my sex life. I knew my mother was angry from the way she was taking to me, then she just stopped and told me that she was going to tell my dad. I thought again, why? Why does he need to know? I was not expecting to tell my mother like that, but I know she needed to

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