The Importance Of Addressing The Matter Of Racism Essay

1452 Words Feb 26th, 2016 null Page
Within this class, I came to see the importance of addressing the matter of racism. I saw how the gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to overcome racism. Essentially, it is through the demonstration of God’s word that Christians can combat this matter that hinders and separates people within society. Throughout this reaction paper, the following will discussed: my personal journey and view on race relations prior to class, what I learned, agreed and/or disagreed with from classroom discussions, my current outlook on race after taking this course, and an action plan discussing life and ministry concerning gospel-centered race relations.
Growing up as a child, race was not a barrier for me to overcome. Within my childhood, I recall playing with kids of other races. This is probably so because I was taught to treat others in a kind manner despite their race or who they are. Within my personal journey, I have come to understand the importance of demonstrating a godly attitude as well as holy love towards others despite their race. In loving fellow Christians as Christ has commanded there it becomes evident that you are His disciple. In demonstrating a godliness towards others who may not be Christians, it becomes evident that you are His as well. Due to the upbringing to demonstrate godly character, my view on race relations consists of three areas that I would like to address: the treatment of others, interaction with others, and realistic perspective. First, it is…

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