The Importance Of Adaptation Of Animated Stories For Children

1965 Words Nov 21st, 2016 8 Pages
“Animation is about not the duplication of life, but the suggestion and illusion of it and especially imposing that illusion onto things that would other have life.”

In this literature review, I will look into the importance of adaptation in regards to transforming words into animated stories for children. The reasons for me focusing on this is because I find adaptation to be interesting in terms of getting important information across to different age groups, but children in particular as children learn a lot at an early stage of development and characters with a strong design have an impressive impact on young lives.
Adaptation is important as changing written media into a visual format means that the accessibility of the content is more broad, as from a young age many children are taught to read and write, but watching something that is appealing means they just have to have their attention focused on something that is telling them information and that being more entertaining and educational at the same time as animated content is for a set amount of time so all children can watch it at once and hopefully understand what they are watching. This is not to say that lessons in reading and writing by teachers isn’t appreciated in the same regard, it’s just that not all children can sit there and focus on reading something or writing something individually, it depends on how the knowledge is represented. The right media will encourage children to develop their knowledge…

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