Activism Through Social Media In Organizations

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Activism through social media is a way to connect with supporters of the organization. Social media allows for a whole new range of opportunities to spread their message and inform more people of their organization. Without the help of social media and the internet, information would not be so accessible as it is today. There are many different social media platforms, some of the most popular include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms gain followers, likes, retweets, and comments, which allows everybody to stay interconnected in some way with the rest of the world. People are able to communicate and stay in touch with other people halfway across the country, which would have been impossible 20 years ago. Social media …show more content…
Their main platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. They are a part of the UN Women, which both advocate for gender equality. They focus on women’s rights in other countries that do not have as much freedom. There is a little over 750,000 total people following the HeForShe organization, not including their YouTube page. 750,000 people viewing the content that this organization posts on the internet every day, 750,000 people becoming more knowledgeable about what is going on in the world around them, 750,000 people waiting and wanting a change in what is happening. This organization is trying to impact the lives of those 750,000 people by giving them insight to what is actually going on around the world with what they post. Without social media, people would not be aware of what is happening in a different country. Most users of social media live in the United States, while other countries have censorship on what people are and are not allowed to view on the …show more content…
The convention has speakers advocating for gender equality to young adults to hopefully impact the way they think about how women are being treated in different countries (“Facebook”). Both Emma Watson’s and the HeForShe organization have been posting things on their Twitter accounts relating to the recent campaign going on. For such a big cause, the HeForShe does not get that many retweets and favorites on their Twitter page, but they have a substantial amount of followers. Their photos and videos seem to get the most retweets and favorites, again having Emma Watson’s as the most liked (“Twitter”). Emma Watson has a huge following, 19.5 million to be exact, and with that amount of followers, so it can be assumed that people are fond of her and what she does. Everything she posts gets thousands of favorites and retweets. She herself retweets things related to women’s rights. By doing so, her followers see and are aware of the HeForShe organization (“Emma”). The HeForShe organization is actively using Instagram as well to post pictures, but they just reflect the same pictures and messages as their Facebook page does. It is just another platform that they use to get their message across to more people. They do not get as many likes as expected compared to the amount of followers they have, which is 80,000. Comments on their pictures

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