The Importance Of Active Duty Members And Their Dependents Receive

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Since the ratification of the United States Constitution in 1789, the founding fathers had required an official army and navy to protect the nation’s borders. Although these small forces where only made as a precaution to future threats, the branches of the military expanded over the years, seeing as it was needed because more and more wars were brought to America’s attention. Today, we have four active branches: Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force. To those on the outside of military life, otherwise known as civilians, have a tendency to believe that the military are within the “power circle.” To most it appears that way simply because the military work very closely with those within this “circle” – the United States government. Soldiers go to war when told, move to different countries and states when told, and work and train endless hours because it is required of them. This can make it seem like the benefits that active duty members and their dependents receive are given as “special treatment” and favoritism. Yet, not everything is as it seems from what is projected in the news and media, for military dependents, in particular children of active duty members, find it very difficult to adjust to the civilian world when it comes to higher education. Some of these students come from the DoDDs system overseas in other countries and some have been in the states all their lives, but this cannot change the fact that military children do struggle with the transition from military…

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