The Importance Of Accreditation In Healthcare

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Accreditation in the US is one of the best things that ever happened to the healthcare system in the US. The accreditation was developed as a way of protecting the health of the Americans and promoting safety in the healthcare system. It is also to promote the public interest and ensure that the citizens receive high-quality care. Over the years, accreditation in the healthcare system has grown significantly, and various accreditation organizations have come up. It has played a very imperative role in the improvement of healthcare. It has always been associated with quality among the healthcare professionals. This means that organizations and individuals who provide healthcare must have proved that they are qualified. The healthcare
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There are a lot of doubts today on whether the managed care organizations are mainly concerned with providing quality care, or they are only involved in the provisions of services so that they can make profits. However, there has been the introduction of new systems where the providers are rewarded so that they can promote efficiency in the health care organizations (O 'Kane & Barton, 2015). Through this trend, the providers who have the highest cost savings are given some incentives. However, this has been accompanied by some negative results on the side of the consumers (Blazej, 2014). The players in the managed care system are so concerned about the quality to meet the high expectations of the …show more content…
Assessing the quality of care in managed care is very imperative since it promotes the confidence of the healthcare providers (Carver & Jesie, 2011). There need to be metrics to enable measuring the care quality. However, one of the most important factors that promote the quality of healthcare is the providers’ skills and experience. NCQA provides accreditation to ensure that individuals and organizations are certified to provide quality care. Due to its great concern in promoting quality, NCQA always discloses all the accreditation results. The accreditation has enabled the organizations and patients to select the programs that will help the patients to make the best decisions on the best service. The patients are the greatest beneficiaries since they get a lot of transparency on the organizations that are chosen for health services (Wilkinson,Champion & Sabharwal, 2013). The managed care marketplace has also benefited significantly from the NCQA accreditation. The organizations have shown a serious commitment to the provision of quality care, and that is why many of them are obtaining accreditation (Blazej,

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