Personal Narrative: A Career As An Accountant

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It was christmas break 2015, I had just got out of school and was ready to forget about the stress from school. It was a 30 degree day in Council Grove, Kansas, so everyone was bundled up in coats and complaining about the cold. I run out of the school hop in my truck and floor it home. On my way home I decide to take a little drive out on a dirt road and just cruise for a bit. As I start down this road a thought comes into my head “do you really want to be an accountant for the rest of your life.” I did not know what to think all the way through high school I had planned to become an accountant because it was a pretty easy job that got paid lots of money. The problem was I was taking an accounting class and absolutely hated it. I would go …show more content…
“What major is right for me” was the first thing I looked up. A test popped up so I took it, according to the test I should be a construction worker...I hate construction work. I help my dad a lot with work around the house and it seems useless. You spend all this time on something you don’t like doing when you could have just hired someone while you were out having fun. I started freaking out a little bit for some reason I thought that this test was going to be what I ended up doing for the rest of my life. I decided to take one on a different site. This one came up and said I should be a hotel manager. This sounded so much worse than being a construction worker. I was so freaked out from all of this I shutdown my computer and decided to just wait out the rest of the year and find out if my accounting class got any better even though I completely hated it.
It was christmas morning after I had opened all my presents and had ate breakfast; Danny, he is my cousin from Arizona, popped up on my phone, so I answered. The conversation started out with the normal “What’d you get for Christmas?” basically it was ohh you are family so I have to talk to you phone call. Then Danny randomly ask “Dylan what is your passion in life?” now I was not ready for this at all. I had no idea what my passion was, so I replied “Honestly I have no
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It paid really good money for the time, the same amount I would of been paid to be a paralegal. The best thing about it was I didn’t have to go to school anymore I could start making money right away.”
“Why did you choose money with the oil rigs instead of finishing up school tho?” I asked
“Well, I never liked school to begin with and I didn’t really want to be a paralegal I just knew it would make me good money and make my parents proud.” my dad said.
“So you picked the oil rig just because of the money, and you didn’t like school?”
“Well not really, a lot of my friends worked on the oil rigs and that what was most important to me at the time. I liked being with my friends and family, so being on the rigs was the way I could spend almost every day with my friends” He said.
That day I learned that you cannot just decide your life on a whim. You can not really decide what your life will be at all. Life just kind of points you in different directions and sends you towards them. The thing you can do is trust yourself that when life points you in different directions that you will have the ability to succeed in life. When you trust yourself like my cousin Danny and my dad did you are able to accomplish your life goals even if you go away in life you never saw yourself

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