The Importance Of Abstinence

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Abstinence is restraining from all sexual activity in any form until a person gets married. The practice of abstinence protects the body from pregnancy, disease, and it allows someone to focus on things in their life other than sex such as school and their future. Abstinence is the best way to protect the body from harmful diseases that could ruin a person’s life or even possibly end it. It also prevents the teenager from taking on such a big task that they’re not ready for. Teenagers especially need to practice abstinence because an adolescent body is not finished developing and getting pregnant during this crucial time of development can be hazardous for the mother as well as the child. Practicing abstinence can save a person from living …show more content…
A lot of times the partners could be impregnated or other misfortunate times the person can catch a sexually transmitted disease, also known as STD’s. Everyone should be educated that there are many different types of diseases that can be caused from simply having sex. They should also be educated on the hardships of being a teen mother and taking on full responsibility of raising a child. All it takes is one time to get pregnant or catch a sexually transmitted disease. Everyone should be aware of STD’s because just about everyone will engage in sexual activity or be introduced to it at some point in their life. “The desire not to contract sexually transmitted diseases is one of the main reasons why many young people today are choosing abstinence” (Moe). Most sexually transmitted diseases are passed on from having multiple partners or, in other words, being promiscuous. Therefore, if a person does choose to engage in sexual activity, that person should do it the smart way and limit their sex partners. Love is not sex. A lot of teens fall into peer pressure and make the wrong decisions and later face the consequences because the teens were never really taught how to say no and the reasons why they should say no. “Many teenagers say they would choose abstinence if only they knew how to say no”

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