Argumentative Essay: The Issue Of Abortion

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In the morning Brooke drove to the hospital. A few more days and I will be out of there. I need to get through the rest of this week. She found her next patient in cubicle three in the ambulatory surgical area. On the stretcher appeared a young female around the age of Marlee. Blankets were tightly wrapped around her body, covering her from head to toe. She started to shiver uncontrollably. A voice was heard under the covers, “I am so cold. Can I get another blanket?” Brooke found the controlled heater in the hallway and removed two blankets. She placed the warm blanket on the young girl. The patient needed to be treated as soon as possible for persistent bleeding. She was scheduled for a D & C resulting from a post abortion complication. …show more content…
He snapped at her,” The patient knows the consequences. She is an adult. Speaking with her mother is not a viable option nor acceptable.” Brooke became irritated with the surgeon. He did not seem to care about the severity of the issue. She commented to him,” Doctor, do you realize this girl is using abortions as a form of birth control. If she has another abortion she will definitely lose her uterus. If not hemorrhage to death”. He gave no reply. A few minutes later, they took the young patient to the postop recovery area. Brooke asked one of the nurses to bring her mother to the recovery area. Upon finding her, she brought her to the bedside. Brooke prepared a well-thought-out statement for the patient’s mother and gathered the utmost effort of not being too emotional. She explained, “It is very important to understand that your daughter needs to abstain from another pregnancy. She needs some type of effective long-term birth control. She needs to heal fully from the trauma subjected to her uterine walls.” The mother gave no

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