The Importance Of Abortion On The Woman's Choice

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Everyone knows and continuously hears of a man leaving a woman because he impregnated her or a man begging a woman to abort his child that was just a one night stand but when does anyone ever hear of the man begging the woman to keep the baby? The abortion debate has been ongoing since before 1973 which was the year in which the abortion debate was taken to the supreme court known as Roe v. Wade where every state legalized abortion to certain extents. Issues with the law have occurred vigorously since that time including issues involving the fathers rights to decide what happens to their child and having no say in the matter. Although many argue that abortion is the woman’s choice because it is the woman’s body and the woman is the one going …show more content…
“The social scientist Dalton Conley wrote a provocative Op-Ed, “A Man’s Right to Choose” in the New York Times on this subject a few years ago. He wrote, “But when men and women engage in sexual relations both parties recognize the potential for creating life. If both parties willingly participate then shouldn’t both have a say in whether to keep a baby that results?”” (social scientist Dalton Conley). This quote is said by a scientist who has determined, with research, that he believes if a man and woman consend in sexual activity they should equally decide whether or not the keep a baby that could result. This quote shows an expert giving his professional opinion on the matter of planned parenthood and is explaining why he is on the side of men having a say in their child 's birth. “These 14 words are a subtle spanking, but they are a spanking nonetheless. They directly contradict the Fifth Circuit’s claim that it can ignore the Supreme Court’s previous stay orders if the lower court “cannot discern the underlying reasoning” behind those orders. And they rebut the Fifth Circuit’s logic on its own terms. Why shouldn’t lower courts allow Texas-style abortion restrictions to go into effect in the future? Because halting these laws is “consistent with the Court’s action granting a stay in Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole.”” (Ian Millhiser). This quote shows how the Supreme court contradicted themselves in the laws they laid out which proves the unreliability of the men and women 's decision making on the topic. This quote goes to show that the government is helping these women in achieving in giving men lesser and lesser rights

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