David Walker's Response To The Abolitionists

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Being of African descent, it’s difficult to imagine what life was like for my ancestors. In society today, we still face prejudice, inequality, and injustice because of our skin color. In retrospect, we have come a long way. It was abolitionist, in the 1850’s, who first broke their silence and expressed the oppression of slavery. This essay is in support of abolitionist, their fight for freedom of the black race, the stereotypes of blacks, how they envisioned society, the condition they were subject to, why slavery should be abolished, the prejudice and my thoughts regarding abolitionist.
Those who support slavery believe that’s blacks were born to be servants to the whites. That they are “inferior” specs of life. (The Universal Law of
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They lost their lives and many lives were taken in the development of the land and society. They endured unimaginable hardships and tribulations in this process. The slaves should be entitled to stay more than the whites. “Do they think to drive us from our country and homes, after having enriched it with our blood and tears..,” (David Walker’s Appeal).
In a civilized society, there is no place for slavery. A civilized society offers balances in life. There would be no one in controlled by another. Opportunities would be given or accessible to everyone, despite the color of their skin. There would be one set of rules and laws that governed all races.
The conditions that the slaves work and lived in were appalling and of a non-human nature. The slaves were deprived of the basic necessities of life. They endured the hardships of being tortured, whipped, beaten, purchased, traded or sold, separated from the families, the females were assaulted and many slaves were murdered. “Are recognized by law, and treated by their fellow-beings, as marketable commodities, as goods and chattels, as brute beasts.” (Selections from the Writings of W. L.

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