The Importance Of A Writing Project

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Does waiting until the last minute to embark on a writing project or assignment really ensure the highest quality of content in the finished product? When creating a written document that classmates or teachers are going to assess, most people are concerned with putting forth their best effort. Most people are adversely affected by the constant worry, lack of organization, and mental exhaustion that are the result of waiting to complete a written assignment. There are, however, a small percentage of people who thrive on the “adrenaline rush” that is caused by leaving a project until the last minute.
What makes some people procrastinate on assignments or projects when given a specific deadline to meet? A common reason for students to
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“It goes something like this: If I really try hard and fail, that is worse than if I don’t try and end up failing” (Burns). This thought process makes complete sense. The first part of the sentence, which is about a student trying hard and failing, has a negative effect on their self esteem. The second part of the sentence involves an objective and non-personal reason for failing. “Perfectionism often underlies the fear of failure” (Burns). Expectations, biases and high standards set up by some teachers create an almost unattainable goal for students who put forth the effort of creating the best possible finished written assignment. Therefore, procrastination becomes a way for perfectionists to avoid facing actual failure. Many people that procrastinate because of fear of failure don’t comprehend that wasting time by worrying about hypothetical results, actually ensures failure. Why not get rid of the thoughts that stall the writing process and open the door to the option for success?
Disorganization of thoughts and content material is often a result of procrastination on a writing assignment. How can a student compile information or creative thoughts in an organized and efficient way, when they leave themselves little or no time to process it? To add to the situation, many human beings are wired for our thoughts to scramble under intense pressure, and you
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Short essays would be an example of a particular writing assignment that doesn’t involve deep research or lengthy gathering of information to organize. Also, if a person is very familiar with a topic they are writing about, it will be easier to collect and organize information to produce their paper. If a girl who is interested in beauty tips, for instance, has an assignment to write an essay on this subject, thoughts and ideas will flow much easier to her. If that same girl were assigned an essay on how car engines function, she would have a much more difficult time. More time would have to be devoted to learning about the subject matter, so there would be very little time to

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