Make A Time Machine

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Sometimes making a choice is very difficult. Every decision that we have made can affect our life in either a positive way, or become our biggest mistake that we will regret. People around us can be affected by our decisions too. This explains why most of us are longing for scientists to create a time machine even though it is impossible to happen in real life. If a time machine really existed, many people would invest their money into it. Imagine a time machine that can do everything. It can bring us back to a certain point of life, so we can fix what happened and or it takes us to the future to see the effect of our choice in our life. With the help of the machine everything in our life will turn out like what we want it to be. However, even if the machine exists, people still make mistakes. …show more content…
She was the closest person to me after my parents; I should’ve appreciate her more. If I knew about her disease sooner, I would’ve not leave her alone and break our promise. I would have spent most of my time with her like we used to do. No matter how hard I was studying, I still feel like I am the careless person who never knew what happened to her friend. I became speechless when her mother told me that she did not want to tell me about the tumor because she did not want me to worry about her. I started to blame myself for not being able to be a good friend. For the rest of school year I could not concentrate on my studying because I kept thought about Maria every time I want to begin to study. I should not put away my friendship because of the school. As I was so busy concentrated on getting good grades that I lost my friend and my teenage years. Now I am regretting my decision to abandon everything because of one thing. I kept asking myself; why did I not ask Maria to study with me? If I did that, we could have spent most of our time with each other and get good grades

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