The Importance Of A Team Leader And The Ultimate Vision Essay

1952 Words Dec 1st, 2016 8 Pages
In order to model the way and get my team to achieve a goal or purpose that they will not be able to reach on their own, I will first need to establish my goals as a leader and the ultimate vision that I have for my team. A team is only as strong as its leader, and in order for my team to be successful, I would have to set the example. I believe that a team is better and more effective when the leader is able to incorporate other team members ideas and values. I think that a team leader is more than just a leader, but someone who can guide the team to reach the goal. By first establishing my goals and values, I can then build a team who shares the same outlook as I do. Being able to model the way, I can establish small wins and encourage my team along the way so that we can accomplish the overall goal for the team. I feel more comfortable as leader when everyone is on board with following the same standard that I have outlined for team. Additionally, because I would rather use my leadership to guide rather than control, Essentially, from first establishing the values and principles of the team members, I can then feel comfortable with inspiring a shared vision. From previous experiences in being in a team, I know that it is easier to reach your goal when everyone is on the same page. It also proves that the ideas that are being contributed to the team greatly add value. When everyone is on the same page, it allows us to set future goals and get the team excited about…

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