The Importance Of A Teacher And A Leader Essay

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Courage in education can take on many facets. From being an instructor and a leader, then a role model and a professor, to mentoring a student through the rigors of testing for state boards, an educator can be many different things to a student. Techniques differ from each educator, and not every environment is positive, but the purpose of education should be to encourage lifelong learning in whatever field the student is becoming a novice. The purpose of this paper is to explore what courage in teaching is, and how that courage can be displayed in the classroom and beyond.
A Profession’s Responsibility
Every nurse knows that caring for patients is not just care that is provided. Personal care, medications and following orders are just three aspects of care, but the critical thinking skills necessary to determine why nurses provide personal care, why we give whatever medication is ordered and what those orders we follow mean in the terms of interpreting lab results, follow through and additional testing. Supporting patients in life and death can be challenging, and there is significant debate as to whether educators can instruct empathy, compassion, and care (Richardson, Percy, & Hughes, 2015). Building therapeutic relationships with students can help to teach and create links to care, empathy and compassion (Richardson et al., 2015). Providing spiritual care can be challenging too, with a diverse community of patient’s spiritual care can help reduce patients moral distress…

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