The Importance Of A Talent Management System Essay

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As identified in my strategy map, the absence of a talent management system is a key contributor to the organization’s financial woes. As I begin building this program, my first step was to create a competency model for the position of a Labor Pool employee. This is a union structured environment. Therefore, all new hires enter the organization as a Labor Pool employee and work their way up the succession line as vacancies allow. The competencies needed for this initial role are required for every position thereafter. According to Dessler (2013), “the employer can use a competency model to support all its talent management functions, such as selection and training” (p. 248). By identifying the key elements needed to be successful in this role, I am able to make a more informed decision on who is best suited for the job.

The next step in creating a talent management system for my organization is to measure the performance of the current workforce. This analysis will reveal where improvements are needed and assist me in deciding what direction to steer training and development. Additionally, it will help me to identify if existing employees don’t possess the base competencies required to successfully perform their job. Utilizing a competency-based appraisal form will allow me to focus on the extent to which the employee exhibits the competencies needed to perform the job (Dessler, 2013, p. 293). Furthermore, to ensure a comprehensive analysis, I will monitor and measure…

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