The Importance Of A Sustainable Dairying : Water Accord Essay

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Why does the company need to follow the “Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord”?
Water is necessary in dairy farm activities for growing grass, washing down milking areas and cooling the milk. Being an area of low annual rainfall in Hastings District, the company is applying for water rights to use the water from a local river. The river has acceptable microbiological water quality currently although several tributaries have high numbers of indicator bacteria. The National Policy Statement for fresh water management, 2014, states the need to maintain or improve the overall quality of water within a region by 2030 (2). Therefore, the company is obliged to follow the “Sustainable Dairying Water Accord” which mentions installing irrigation systems designed to minimise the amount of water necessary for production (5). Accordingly, the company needs to undertake the training, certification and accreditation for using water for irrigation services provided by “Irrigation NZ”. Moreover, the company has to follow the guidelines provided by “DairyNZ” for riparian and effluent management, which mentions excluding dairy cattle from significant waterways and installing acceptable effluent management systems (5).
16. Why does the company need to measure and report the water usage regularly?
Water resources are increasingly under pressure in New Zealand. Dairy business is associated with water quality issues because of intensive stocking, and poor management of irrigation, effluent and…

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