Emotionally Supportive Classroom Environment Essay

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Emotionally supportive classroom environments are crucial for students. Bullard (2017) noted that high quality climates assist children to feel safe, increase positive behavior, and reduce absenteeism. There are many areas that are addressed in the environmental assessment in which teachers can nurture an emotionally supportive classroom. The “Circle of Courage” describes four needs (the need to belong, to achieve mastery, to be independent, and to be generous) that if met children are encouraged and feel a sense of purpose. When some or all of these needs are not met, children become discouraged, lacking a sense of purpose.

-The teacher develops a warm, nurturing relationship with each child in the classroom through treating every child with
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During the beginning of the school year students are introduced to each station and are provided with expectations that are modeled of what the group work should look like at each station. Along with established centers, arranging desks in groups or pods allows for collaborative seatwork that involves discussion.

-The teacher provides materials that reflect the diversity within the classroom and exposes children to diversity they might not regularly experience. Materials expose children to many forms of diversity and portray the child’s culture and all cultures in a positive, authentic, and realistic light.

As I mentioned earlier, I plan on using “The Morning Meeting” at least three times a week in the classroom to have students share with each other. During student’s personal share time, many cultural differences will come to surface that can be discussed among the group. Another opportunity during this time would be to deliberately plan activities that would address certain cultural beliefs, goals, routines, celebrations, food, and/or family and gender roles.

-The teacher assists children to learn about and manage feelings through setting up an environment that reduces

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