The Importance Of A Successful Certified Nursing Assistant Essay

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How to be a Successful Certified Nursing Assistant Many CNA’s have their own methods on how to be successful and proactive while they work. To be a successful certified nursing assistant you must carry certain traits including good time management, compassion, and good work ethic.
An important step to being successful is wanting to do the kind of work that this job requires. I know so many people who are CNA’s and hate the work that they do. If you come and do this job and do not enjoy doing it, you will not do perform very well. A huge part of this job is interacting with the residents and showing compassion for them. While in this field you need to know that every resident’s needs and situations are different; what works for one, may not work for the other. Another part to being successful is learning how to manage your time. This is a very important step and once you manage to control how long it takes for you to complete certain tasks, everything else should come rather easily. If you work mornings, a crucial area for time management is right in the morning when you start your shift, till they serve breakfast. You should get everyone washed, dressed and up before breakfast arrives, which may not seem like a hard task but if you don’t manage your time right, you’ll never get everyone up in time. Another crucial time is the last hour and half of your shift. This is when you are usually running around trying to finish up the tasks you didn’t get a chance yet to do,…

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