The Importance Of A Student Centered Classroom An Educator Essay

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Section 4: Differentiating Instruction through Technology
When considering the importance of a student-centered classroom an educator must remember that “it is not about what the teacher is doing or what the teacher has done; it’s about what the students are doing and what the students can do in the future”. (Tarte, 2013) Education within school has certainly changed quickly these days. The way an educator once believed that students should be sitting quietly as the teacher stood up in front of the class gushing out information and insight for their brains to grasp is no longer the case. As we uncover the reality of the 21st century, we reveal a completely different tale. Students begin to believe that once a teacher stands in front of their class and begin to “teach” their life is accepted to quickly become uninteresting.
However the bright side is that every student is inquisitive, enthusiastic to learn, and is willing to organize everything in their power to achieve accordingly. Another positive aspect of a student’s behavior, which may emerge from technology, is their interaction with their teacher. This is why a student-centered classroom environment gives a teacher the opportunity to work successfully with all of their students with different learning styles within the same classroom. Throughout this type of environment, it allows the students to grow as independent learners and grants them a sense of power over their own academic career. They are not allocated but…

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