The Importance Of A Strong Parent Child Relationship Essay

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Communication The Key to Happiness in the Parent Child Relationship What is the most important quality necessary for a strong parent-child relationship? Eye contact with a parent is a unique connection with no verbal response, yet it still projects guidance (4). In the short story “Write Me Sometime” the father feels a sense of connection with his daughter when she writes him letters, and when he takes her out for lunch. Feeling the sense of support by sending a letter to a parent, knowing they are reading and understanding is a great feeling to have. The relationship Hamlet had with his father was a forever bond that was cherished until the end of time. A relationship that is meaningful, even after death, is forever lasting. In the novel The Stone Angel Hagar lacks communications with her sons, but realizes at the end that it’s better to talk instead of holding things in. Communication is the quality of understanding that defines the bond in a parent-child relationship this is the key to happiness. In the short story “Write Me Sometime” by Taien Ng-Chan, we notice a lack of communication (1) the father tells his daughter, “Write Me Sometime,” he said “Let me know if there is anything you need” (Ng-Chan 43). By mentioning this the daughter keeps writing letters to him regardless of the father not responding. He instead makes it clear to her, to keep writing him letters, even though he doesn’t respond he does read them; he enjoys receiving the letters for a sense of…

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