The Importance Of A Strategic Plan

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Do you have a strategic plan for your business in 2010? No matter what size of business you start or own it is vitally important that you plan your work and work your plan. Most businesses that don 't have a plan fail to become successful. It is not wise to enter into a new decade blindly...make sure you have a plan.

Have you ever heard the saying "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"? Well this holds true for most any type of business. You cannot start a business and proceed blindly and just expect that everything will work out and you will achieve great success. It just doesn 't work that way. It rarely will happen that way and you will probably fail.

Each year, in the very beginning of each year you need to sit down outside the office
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. .

Without a plan you won 't know which way your business should go, you won 't know what you need to do or where you should be when the day begins; let alone when another year ends. If there is no team the "team" will be confused and without direction. They will not have any goals or know exactly what the end result should be. What happens in most cases is a loss of focus on the interest of the business and loss of motivation to get where you need to go.

Would you take a journey somewhere you 've never traveled without a road map? Only a fool would attempt a long journey without a plan. If your destination is important then you need a plan. In the year 2010 you most likely have a sophisticated device such as a GPS to guide you directly to your destination. Why? Because it gets you exactly where you need to
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There is no guess work. All the thought and the planning is done. Just implement the plans step by step. You won 't spend your time wondering and waiting for success to come, only to be disappointed and clueless as to where you went wrong. Not every business strategic plan is going to ensure your success, but having a plan in place will significantly improve your chances! Don 't you agree?

Preparedness is the key to survival and success:

This is your business...your lively hood. Developing a well thought out business plan will also reduce your stress as you move into your new year.
Your business will be a lot more fun and a lot less stressful when you have short term and longer plans of action. If not, then your mind may constantly be stressed, trying to think what might happen. Not a good way to run your busines. Find yourself some business plan opportunities and get started!

Have all your cards in place and you will give yourself the best chance possible to be

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