The Importance Of A Special Education Classroom Essay

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When walking into a special education classroom, it is extremely rare to see only one adult. Traditionally, when individuals think about the classroom setting, they think of the desks, the books, the students, and the teacher. Not many picture a classroom as having multiple adults in the room. These individuals are coming in and out throughout the day each at a different pace and frequency. It is very hard to keep track of all of the professionals and the services that each student requires. In a special education classroom setting, these individuals can include the special education teacher, the general education teacher, speech-language pathologists, assistive technology specialists, counselors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, school nurse, paraprofessionals, and many others.
Collaboration is when two or more individuals work together to successfully accomplish the tasks at hand. Collaboration can be seen in many diverse forms; however, in terms of special education, collaboration can be very important. A large factor in successful collaboration is communication. It is next to impossible to work effectively with others without having the proper forms of communication. In the field of special education, there are many students who require many different services. Service delivery could be affected if the teacher is not able to collaborate or communicate effectively with the other professionals.
Collaboration is beneficial to everyone. Students with…

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