The Importance Of A Social Worker Helps Disadvantaged Students

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I am someone who is inspired to see the developed one world where the wellbeing of individuals and the society is respected, who wants to fill disparities among peoples; and who wants to contribute to the best of these by empowering people in need. I am a motivated, adaptable and responsible individual, who has the temperament, key skills, and knowledge that are essential for the social work sector. Possessing a friendly and approachable demeanor, which is invaluable for this field, I am also inquisitive and always trying to learn new things.
In high school, I involved in volunteer services and extra-curricular activities that were my interest and fundamental for the education process. Assisting the guidance and counseling officers to help disadvantaged students was my intensive voluntary involvement. This is one of the great moments I gained great satisfaction from seeing other people achieve their goals knowing I had helped them. And, it was during these periods that I realized how much difference a social worker can make by just listening and being supportive to an individual family member.
My interest in social work developed while I joined the university. To convene my interest, I studied Sociology and Social Administration at BA level. The study program introduced me with theories of sociology, the key elements of social work, social division and diversity, welfare policies, social psychology, social anthropology, criminology, rehabilitation, and research methods,…

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