The Importance Of A Single Man Greatly Shaped The Doctrines Of Christianity

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Martin Luther. Who is he you ask? Good afternoon ladies, I am here today to inform you of how the actions of a single man greatly shaped the doctrines of Christianity. Commonly known as the “Father of Protestantism”, Martin Luther was born November 10th 1483 and grew to become a theologian, university professor, German monk and a church reformer. Throughout his life he developed ideas on God, man’s relationship with God and the path to achieving salvation that people had not heard of before. This in turn led to the formation of a religion which embodied its core Christian beliefs whilst adapting the characteristics of Christianity to its modern context. A living religion. One which allowed adherents the choice of practicing their religion within their chosen societal boundaries.

Martin Luther had a profound impact on Christianity. His affect on religion as an institution began with his writing of Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences, also known as the 95 Theses. The year was 1517 when Luther decided to point out the indulgences which he believed misinformed adherents on crucial aspects associated with God’s plan in redeeming humanity. Luther nailed a copy of his Theses on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany and sent a copy to the Archbishop Albert Albrecht, asking him to put a stop to the sale of indulgences, an act which Luther showed his great disapproval of. Within two weeks of Luther’s courageous act numerous copies of his 95 Theses were…

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