The Importance Of A Servant Leader As A Practice Manager At The Ucf Community Care Center

1249 Words Dec 1st, 2014 null Page
Over the past few months, I was blessed to be serving as a Practice Manager at the UCF Community Care Center. This was a great experience because I was able to perform each duty effectively and satisfactorily. I was able to serve in different areas, such as administrative, management, business, and other functions respective to being a Practice Manager. I was also able to learn from each experience, which has made me improved on my leadership skills and made me a better leader. With the help of James C. Hunter, I was capable of understanding what servant leadership is and how to become a servant leader. For one to become a servant leader, it requires motivation, feedback, and extended practices. As the Practice Manager, I had to perform administrative tasks such as maintaining an orderly and efficient office routine; administering established guidelines for prioritizing work activities, evaluating, and modifying activities as necessary; maintaining accurate record and files pertaining to staff schedule, and personnel records; coordinating benefits enrollment for employees; and answering patient calls, letters, and complaints as they arise. One major administrative task that I had to complete during the last four months at the UCCC was the clinic management schedule. It was my responsibility to ensure that the clinic was fully staffed at all times. Also, as the Practice Manager, there are management functions that I had to performed such as aligning people and projects to…

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