The Importance Of A Self Regulated Learner Essay

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A self-regulated learner is a person who has mastered the ability to control and understand his or her own learning environment (Snowman, McCown 2015). Having self-regulation abilities mainly includes, setting productive goals, recognizing or adapting to different strategies to help achieve those goals, and most importantly establishing ownership of your education (Snowman, McCown 2015). Self-regulated learning is a very important technique to master and one that every teacher should introduce to their students.
Students should be encouraged to regulate their own learning because it’s important for them to learn at an early age how to monitor their progress, mange interfering emotions, and foster their own success. According to Steinberg’s study of 20,000 adolescents, 40% are just going through the motions of learning; meaning that they’re not really mindful of what their learning (Snowman, McCown 2015). This is a problem because students who go through the motion of school are not really learning effectively, thus, it will be hard for them to relate what they’ve learned in the past to the new information in the present. Causing them to lose those skills they’ve already learned because they’re not continually practicing and strengthening them. As these students get older and reach higher education where, attending class, paying attention and successfully mastering course is more an option instead of a requirement, these students will most likely not have that devotion to…

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