Essay on The Importance Of A School Of Psychology

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There are a many schools of psychology. Throughout this course we only focused on eight schools, but there are many more than that. In order to understand which school of psychology is most important, we need to describe what a school of psychology should be. There are two priorities I believe are important for ranking the schools of psychology; interesting and practical. An interesting school of psychology will appeal to more people and would develop more support. A school of psychology should also be practical. Practicality is an important criterion because it allows us to apply psychology to real-world problems (BOOK). In order to understand the criteria necessary to be a school of psychology, it is time to rank the schools in order of which encompasses the criteria I have created.
Through thorough analysis, the school that ended last on the ranking was behaviorism. This school of psychology has a strong interest in the environment, because according to them, heredity is not observable. (Unit 10 Introduction). The reason why behaviorism ranked last on the list is the lack of practicality and it is the least interesting school of psychology according to me. The behaviorists took a powerful stand for the science of psychology, but this created a number of controversies with the other schools. The behaviorists believed that we could understand humans by studying animals (BOOK). I do not believe in animal research, so this belief made behaviorism an impractical school in my…

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