The Importance Of A Religious Speech Community

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To research this study, the researcher analyzes a religious community through a “thick, rich description” (Geertz, 2001, p. 312). In this regard, the researcher collects the data, respectively, by interacting with the participants as a newcomer, observing communication and conversations among the members, and jotting down the descriptions of the atmosphere and settings in detail in the researcher’s private note. Overall, this section is divided into the following three sub categories: participants, setting, and procedure.
To research the group identity that is communicated and expressed through Catholicism, the researcher chooses a religious speech community, for which the researcher adopts pseudonyms. The Catholic Student
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It is a one-story house with a small-sized greenery garden and a backyard. The color of the surface of the house is mostly white, decorated with some Catholicism-related publications hung upon it (right beside the door.) Every Sunday night, when the weekly meeting is taking place, the janitor of the house makes the exterior layer of the main door open-wide so that a part of the interior of the house, or the part of the living room is to be seen to both the members trying to find the house at night and the casual passers on the road coming across the house. The part of the living room that is supposed to be seen to both the members and passers is usually lighted by a yellow-tinted light and furnished by cozy-looking armchairs. On every Sunday night, it looks like emanating its enigmatic glimmer from its deep-looking mouth, making itself stand out among the plain houses wrapped in …show more content…
Starting with cozy-armchairs in the living room, it extends into a kitchen area in L-shape. On the opposite side of the kitchen, a room, which is decorated with a dim lighting, is equipped with a variety of electronic appliances with which the members can enjoy themselves, e.g., watching movies or DVDs. In the deepest part of the house, (i.e., in the utmost back of the house) is the rectangular room, which is used as the main gathering place, such as for the weekly meetings and events, (e.g., Jesus Supper, Women’s Bible Study, etc.). This room is the dining area in which most of the members come to engage in conversations with one another while having dinner. Also, the coordinator and the directors give public speeches and religious teachings in this room. Therefore, the dining room is used for the members not only to have dinner, but also to nourish themselves with religious teachings and spiritual virtues the leaders of the organization impart. Upon the walls of all of the rooms in the house, magnificent framed pictures of Pope and Mother Mary hang here and there. Also, a variety of Catholicism-related pictures, especially the pictures describing or symbolizing the famous accounts of Bible, hang upon the walls as

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