The Importance Of A Productive Human Capital Essay

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A productive human capital is important for a country’s economy. Nurses are an integral part of any nation. The contribution of nurses is critical to any nation’s health care delivery system (Peate, Wild, and Nair, 2014, p. 3). Given the important role nurses bear in any economy, they must be clinically and scientifically prepared to handle national healthcare demands. Nursing education is a fundamental factor in training nurses who can provide high-quality health care services. Nevertheless, the existence of a huge gap between theory and practice in the field of nursing continues to be a worrying trend (Chang and Daly, 2012, p.261). To a significant extent, nursing education entails the combination of theory and practice. Integration of the two components is necessary to produce a holistic nurse (Saifan et al., 2014, p. 5).

The Gap between Nursing Education and Nursing Practice
Recently, there has been a general observation that graduate nurses are unable to apply their knowledge in a patient’s clinical reality (Chang and Daly, 2012, p.261). Following this concern, researchers have tried to demystify the causes of the gap between nursing education and practice. Notably, most of these researches conclude that understanding principles of nursing and theory do not necessarily lead to the perfect application of this knowledge in patient care. For instance, doing a physical test in a class environment is much easier as compared to a practical environment where one…

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