The Importance Of A Police Officer Is Integrity, Respect, And Professionalism

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The three most important attributes to a police officer would be integrity, respect, and professionalism. These are all qualities which I possess and hold strong to my character. (A) Integrity is the foundation of public service, and this quality is the predominant characteristic when I consider the role of a police officer. Integrity is the cornerstone of a relationship with members of the public. When a police officer encounters a situation, they must act with confidence according to their character. When thinking of values surrounding integrity, my mind centers first on honesty. This critical trait is something which I have embraced throughout my life.

To be held to a high level of integrity also requires that one is well-spoken. Throughout my career, I have found that words and actions are repeated and evaluated, even when one might not assume so. This presents the need to speak ‘on your feet’, or able to compose thoughts quickly and intelligently, as well as deliver those thoughts in a way which is clear, concise, and effective. Communication styles vary greatly from person-to-person, and I am very in touch and embrace cultural differences. Previous experience with people of all walks-of-life is crucial to the role of a police officer. I have held many roles where I was presented with challenging circumstances, which necessitated the need to think quickly on my feet. Our community of Hillsboro is very diverse regarding race, levels of income, cultural backgrounds,…

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