The Importance Of A Physician 's Assistant Certification Essay example

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A hospital consists of many important jobs and each employee work together to help patients get the proper care they need. One of the jobs in health care I am interested in is a Physician’s Assistant. They can examine, diagnose, and treat patients under the authority of a Physician. Responsibilities of a PA differ based on what specialty they choose and whichever state they get certified in. PAs can work in both private practices and hospitals, normally there is one doctor over several PAs. Roderick Hooker (2012) in The Health Soc Care Community manuscript described PAs as “health professionals that practice medicine in collaboration with doctors through delegated clinical tasks and patient management” (p.20). While working to this career goal, the challenging part of this goal is figuring out what education is needed to obtain a Physician’s Assistant certification. Also, what will this education consist of.
Before I even start thinking about my initial issue I must put into consideration what it takes to get into a PA program. There are many to choose from but I also must have the right prerequisites to get accepted into these programs. Some classes that are needed are like chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, microbiology and many more. In addition to classes I need experience working with patients, many schools require a minimum of 1000 hours of direct patient care. Another prerequisite is shadowing a Physician’s Assistant, this allows the schools to see that you are…

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