The Importance Of A Person 's Ambition Or Effect Essay

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Goals- “ The object of a person’s ambition or effect: or an aim or desired results”.
Children are taught to think of something they want to become or what he or she may want to do, as they get older. Here parents and also teachers are showing them how to set up goals they can achieve, as they get older. These goals are carried until adult hood. Setting these goals and accomplishing is such a major victory. Here I am now going to demonstrate my goals and what I plan to do with them or how I can better them.
#1 Commitment/Work ethic
Staying committed is a wonderful value to have because it indicates how serious I take my job and the passion while preforming it. With this great value of truly staying committed takes dedication, hard work, and strength. With that being said staying true to what is important to me which would be staying committed to a career I want to see myself achieve in and go far but the only way to do that is by knowing what am committing too to fully comprehend this is going to be my long goal for life and not just something to do or say that I am doing something with my life, no it the fact of staying true and committed to my career and to myself.
#2 High achievement
High achievement is a value for me because the indication of it revels how far I took myself academically. The struggles that were faced but now conquered are a filling I honestly can’t wait to feel, it takes a lot of determination to fulfill a high achievement, and I will do that my…

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