Diversity In Nursing

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Ever wanted to make a difference in your community ? Felt a state of contentment after helping others? Ever been intrigued about medicine and science ? Then you may want to consider a major in nursing. There are wide variety of specialities/positions to choose from, flexible hours, job security, and the pay is fitting. A nursing major opens many doors into the future, and it will always be valuable.
There is an array of options to choose from when deciding what speciality to go into. For example, according to an online source there are forensic nurses, ER nurses, surgical nurses, travel nurses, and much more(“Most Popular Nursing Job & Career Titles”). With so many options like this it allows nurses to not get bored in a particular specialty
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Nurses will always be in demand, according to the “Overview of Hospital Stays in the U.S.”, in 2012 there was about 36.5 million hospital stays with an average stay time of four and a half days. With so many different cases coming in it makes the job exciting and unpredictable, always keeping nurses on their toes. With so much diversity in the hospital setting it’s one of the reasons I am choosing to be a nurse, being bilingual will help break down the language barrier and ensure that the patient receives the correct and suitable treatment …show more content…
If one is not fond of biology, math, anatomy and physiology, then they may struggle in achieving a bachelor 's degree of science in nursing or even an associate 's degree. With the joy that comes in bringing a patient back health, nurses are unfortunately exposed to so many germs and viruses in the setting in which they work. Also nurse are almost always communicating with others so it is important to have a very good communication and social skills. If one is more of an introvert than maybe an ER setting will not be suited for them, but since there are many different specialities to choose from then maybe working behind the scenes will fit them best. Another drawback is the amount of time spent on your feet, unlike other professions that require some to be sitting behind a desk all day. While nursing is an admirable job, it can be very stressful. From dealing with rude patients, impatient doctors, and frustrated coworkers, the overall setting with lives being on the line can very

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